Tuesday, 26 May 2015


So here I am back playing Eve. I suppose I never really left as I enjoy checking the blogosphere to check in on what is going on, which I really shouldn't be doing as all it basically does is remind me of the cool stuff I could be doing.   The biggest drawback to Eve is the time I invest into the game, much to the chagrin of my wife.  I tend to allow myself to get absorbed with what I'm doing often to the detriment of say, folding the washing.  Unfortunately stating that I'm about to get on grid with a Retriever doesn't tend to wash all that well with my significant other, who is probably as much an antithesis to a gamer as you can get.  But it's ok, I'll manage my time appropriately, it won't be a problem.  I'm even taking the time to write a blog about the time I've wasted playing that stupid game.  It's all good.

My previous foray into Eve saw me living solo in a C2 wormhole which a bunch of my alts.  It was always a goal for me to live in wormhole space and it was fun, albeit a bit difficult time wise to manage as occupation in a wormhole means (in my case) an orca with small POS.  As anyone who has ever run a POS would know they need fuel and fuel costs iskies.  The difficulty I ran into was finding the time to run the sleeper sites which I needed to keep the forcefield up. I was using a HML Drake so it would take upwards of half an hour to complete a C2 site and while the rewards were a bit more generous due to the C2 loot tweaks that came through around that time it was still a became a bit of a chore.  It got to the point that I seriously could nearly tell my wife that I'm just going to log in to my second job for an hour or so - Eve was taking up a significant part of my time and in the end I let the POS go dormant along with my subs.  The wife was happy.

Fast forward a couple of months and the embryo of an idea started in my head.  What if I played Eve again, but ditched the POS and just roamed around J space looking for ships to gank?  I wouldn't be tied down to a system and have to scan it out before doing anything, I wouldn't need to make any ISK to keep my POS fueled, I could just do the fun-er parts of playing Eve.  The catalyst came with a day off work during which I listened to Chance Ravinne delivering a talk to Eve Uni about stealth bombers.  I've always loved bombers and had my main train into a Manticore before I moved into my wormhole, and after listening Chance speak about bombers I just went, stuff it, I'm going to play again.

I resubbed my main account back in and was pleasantly surprised to see that while my sub was running out my training queue was still running and had completed Astrometric Rangefinding V (28 day train...) so the only things currently not at level V in my scanning skill tree is Hacking and Survey.

Oh yeah.  Scanning is my biatch.

So I log back in to find my tower with no forcefield and the Mammoth I had parked in the forcefield is gone.  Yeah, that was expected.  What wasn't expected was the corp that had taken up residence on one of the inner planets is gone along with their tower and POS modules,  There also appears to be a new tower at a different moon, I'll have a warp over to this new POS and have a look in my fully tricked-out-to-scan Buzzard.  I'm in the system map view so I don't see the bubble when I land but I hear the distinctive sound and realise that I might be in trouble.  The overview is all still all messed up as I haven't configured it properly after logging back in but worst of all my ship starts to decloak.

Needless to say the tower promptly obliterates my Buzzard.  Decloak traps and towers are the bane of my existence.  As I sit there in my pod I finally work my overview to show containers and sure enough there are several THOUSAND of the little yellow diamonds of death all around me.

And do you know the worst thing is, I didn't even use my tricked out scanning boat to scan my way out, so I'm now trapped in my pod in my old wormhole with no way out.  *facepalm*.  I'm forced to self destruct the pod get out back to highsec so I can buy a new ship.

God I love this game.

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  1. Welcome back! Interesting stories (as i am not used to WHs) but i have 1 recomandation: try to work a bit on background, for me it looks a bit low quality (the ships is blurred). See you in game.