Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Eleanor

My dear friends, I have recently spent inumerous hours traversing uncounted wormholes in my pursuit of worthy prey (i.e. something I can gank) and upon reaching the Anoiki known as J115727 I stumbled across perhaps the single most delicious target I have come across.  May I present to you my enigmatic holy grail, My Eleanor:

Ain't she a beauty???  All 14 million tons of industrial tractor beaming, multiple salvaging loot pinata goodness.  I believe I'm actually quivering as I type this....

Yes, I have my Eleanor, parked safely behind someone else's POS shield.  But will that stop me? Not likely.  This is the first Noctis I have seen in J space and I must have it.  I therefore commenced stalking out this particular Anoikis seeking an opportunity to grace this work of industrial art with my glorious Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedoes.

For 3 or 4 days I've hung out in this particular wormhole and watched the comings and goings of the locals.  I find all the POS's and work out that one of them has a nasty decloak trap which I manage to avoid by coming into the tower from a bounce safe I made near one of the outer planets (see -> Learning!).  I add all 35 members of the local corp as bad standings contacts and put them all on my watch list.  I create elaborate spai notes to keep track of their comings and goings.

Sneaky Spai Stuff.

During my stalk there doesn't appear to be much going on, with only a few pilots logged in.  It does appear that the locals are a Russian corp and a check of killboard stats shows they are most active way way late into my timezone.  The closet I get to action during this time is getting on grid a couple of times with a guy in a Badger at a couple of POCOs but each time I'm too far away when I land and he was already aligning out so I don't decloak and give away the game.  I also consider ambushing the same guy in a Bustard doing runs back to K space on the C4 static but in hindsight I was glad I got bored and left it given I didn't realise Bustard's have a natural 2 point warp core strength and I only have a long point on my current fit.

During this time Eleanor remains floating at the POS, no pilot on board.

I notice a few weird things in the system, there is a crap load of drones and even a few carrier bourne fighters that have been left by the locals at various combat anoms in the system.  When I check them out I usually find 5 or 6 ECM drones and a single sleeper ship plugging away killing those drones.  It's weird, I have no idea why they have left drones in a site and haven't fully cleared it.  Oh well, that's a mystery for another day.  In the meantime I wait patiently for the moment to strike, hidden and dangerous:

Manticore on Dscan.  That's a gas mining ship right?
One night I decide to stay up late and work on my blog.  I log into Eve to keep an eye on things and while sorting out the background options on the front page of the blog my notification chimes - Eleanor's pilot has just logged in!!!

Next time on The Flying Target - Will Eleanor be mine?? Or will the elusive industrial slip through my grasp??

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